Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The Wee Man, The Gardener

The weather today has been blooming brilliant. After weeks and months of moaning about winter, life seems a little brighter today. And the wee man and I have been taking full advantage of the sun by doing...load after load of washing. Oh. Not quite what you would expect but by half nine this morning I had washed and dried two loads. Ace. If there is a better domestic goddess out there I want to here from you. As I spent a great deal of time hanging things up to dry the wee man pottered around causing general chaos including working out how to put the outside tap, that the hose is attached to, on. This led to water going everywhere and a pretty wet wee man.

He then, despite being wet, cleverly watered my bamboo which needed a good drink. The hose and watering thing kept him occupied for a good hour and he even had a good cry when I told him it was time to do something else. But with every good thing he does he tempers it with hiding behind bins and sticking his down down dirty drains. I'm trying to give him a certain amount of freedom in his own garden especially when I'm hanging washing but even here there, I have found, are plenty of things for him to mess around with. He's even worked out how to open the back gate but luckily doesn't have the strength to open the gate.

I'm glad we've taken advantage of the sun and been outside all day as it means I can have a beer tonight without feeling guilty.


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