Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Boys Being Boys

First of all today many thanks go to Multi-Mum for joining us here on One Man. Her blog certainly did get a good response and if she manages to find time in the future we would love to have her write here again.

On to current affairs and today there is a Baby Centre blog for you to look at. This week's offering is about toddler reins and the position I argue isn't now necessarily what I believe. Never-the-less here it is I'm sure you will have your own opinion on the subject.

Moving to today and in a bid to save or at least help Multi-Mum's sanity, the wee man and I visited her and two of her children this morning. The little two who are now six months old were in a jovial mood, smiling, telling humorous limericks and reciting anecdotes from the previous week. I had expected the wee man to be overly curious of the wee children but he didn't even register they were there being far more interested in the older two's pink princess ride on cars. This was fine but the pink pram was maybe a bit much.

After a morning of playing with girl's toys we went to do decidedly more manly things.With Funny Daddy and his son we went to the park to look at barnyard animals. Yes this is a manly thing (apparently). Only his son took a shine to a pink princess bike that a small girl had. There must be something about pink for these two. The bike was impressive despite it being for princesses only and if Funny Daddy's son had been any bigger he would have gotten on and ridden off. Probably with the wee man in hot pursuit.

Despite still being young the pair recognise each other and I'm sure in years to come they will become thick as thieves, that's if the wee man's little friend forgives him for trying to push him into a swimming pool multiple times. Whether or not in the future they will still like pink is another thing altogether and whether or not Funny Daddy and myself have allowed them to like it is more important question.


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