Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Marathon Man (First Trip To The Dentist)

The film Marathon Man isn't wholly remarkable. It's a standard thriller which has a convoluted plot about diamonds, Nazis and mistaken identity. However what it does have is a scene which made me never want to visit the dentist ever again. If you have seen Marathon man you'll know exactly what I mean. Dustin Hoffman's character is abducted and tortured by means of probing a cavity then having his tooth drilled into without anesthetic. If I remember rightly I was fifteen or sixteen at the time I watched this and I was about to get braces fitted, cue sleepless nights and terror.

Anyway I mention this because as I lay there in my dentists' chair yesterday I suddenly had flashbacks to Marathon Man. Cue clenching of hands and that terror again. It didn't help as he prodded my gums with bits of sharp metal, asking 'does that hurt?' After the interrogation for stolen diamonds had finished he informed me that I needed a filling and that as I've not been to the dentist for four years I could do with a deep clean. I would like to point out that I'm not dirty, in fact my mouth gets cleaned twice a day but even that wouldn't make me dentist clean.

The wee man also has been recently and looked even more terrified than I did as 'Mike' our friendly dentist, who looks like he's just left school, came at him with bits of metal. I had a great deal of sympathy for the wee man and I will happily stand by him if he tells his mother that he doesn't want to go to the dentist, there is strength in unity my son.

Despite having a wimp of a father and having not been inflicted with Marathon Man just yet the wee man duly obliged to Mike and opened wide for him (with a little help from me). Mike who I guess hasn't had much experience with kids quickly stopped at the first sight of the wee man having a fuss, claiming everything looked fine even though he barely looked in the wee man's mouth. If only my trip had ended like this. Instead I have to go back in two weeks and spend a good deal of money on getting stabbed in the gums.



  1. Ah, dentist stories...I know it hurts, sucks, and costs a great deal of money but at least you will have a wonderful smile! :)

  2. I don't think I've met anyone who's not afraid of the dentist. At least you only needed a filling and cleaning. And I have to agree with Alexandra; getting a beautiful smile is worth all that fear, pain and money. -Cody @ Reed Orthodontics

  3. I think that those scenes you've seen from Marathon Man has always been the fear of many when it comes to dental visits. Wild imaginations give life to our fear to the dentist, and I would brave to admit that I am guilty with this as well. But anyway, it's great that you still pushed through your dental visit and even brought your son along. To give you assurance that your dentist wouldn't turn into a torturing maniac ready to drill your gums away (insert smirk here), make sure to you go only to someone you trust. He must also have a good reputation when it comes to handling all types of patients.
    Josh @ Hammer & Bonin Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

  4. Dental appointments might sometimes turn out to be like that. Your dentist will ask you to go back for further examinations or procedures. You shouldn't mind the money you'll be spending for it because it's for your own benefit. How was your last visit? I hope that you didn't encounter any problems.

    Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental Group