Monday, 8 April 2013

The Neon Lights Of Insanity

As a stay-at-home-parent you regularly need to build battlements in your mind to keep out stupid thoughts. When the most important thing you do in a day is feed a child there tends to be quite a bit of free time to mull over those other things in your life. As you would imagine, if you actually have nothing else going on in your life (like me), you tend to obsess about stuff that in reality is not worth obsessing about.This can be anything from not getting a reply to an e-mail to roadworks being done at the end of your road (which will be there by the way for six months) or even Cbeebies changing their lunchtime schedule.

But being a stay-at-home-parent you also have far too much time to think about stuff which is actually quite important and worthy of stress. For instance money, money again, anything and everything to do with your child and finally money for the third time.

Suddenly a situation which probably wasn't that bad becomes a giant screaming neon light of a problem. It's only when The Chancellor gets home that someone goes and unplugs the neon light and I return to normality. The next day I find something else to spend my time turning into a sign that would look good on a Tokyo street.

Today's obsession was to do with the wee man's diet. Now the wee man is a brilliant eater (for now) but I became worried he wasn't getting enough meat in his diet. It was only when I was in the shop explaining this to a poor sales assistant that I realised that maybe just maybe there wasn't anything to worry about. The sales assistant just looked at me wondering why I was telling him about the wee man's diet. As I began wondering too I quickly shut up and paid for the meat and got on my way. The guy I spoke to already thinks I'm weird or so I think and I now won't be able to get back into the shop without thinking of myself as a bit of a fool. There may be more than one shop in the local area where this is the case.


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