Friday, 19 April 2013

The Wee Man, The (Ride On) Car Jacker

The group we go to on a Friday has always been...interesting and...different. I decided against my better nature to sign up for a ten week block mainly because the wee man has a great time but also because I'm friends with lots of yummy mummies. The Chancellor and I often run into these mums in the park and it must look slightly weird for my better half to see me chatting away to lots of women she doesn't know. But don't worry my wife I am only eye candy...

Anyway aside from my ego it was Bob The Builder day today at this group. We were told by the group leader that we should be trying to get the children to pretend to hammer nails on a block of wood. This didn't go down too well with one mummy who turned to me a little frantically and said that she was trying to discourage her daughter from this sort of behaviour as her once nice white walls now had a load of blue marks where the daughter had hammered a pen to the wall over and over again. I thought of asking her why she just hadn't painted the walls blue and be done with it. But I sensed it was a sore point and left it be.

The wee man on the other hand took his wooden stick and tried to hammer other children's feet and had to be pulled back and distracted with a plastic saw. He also continually stole the same toy from the same boy who in the end got so annoyed that he ran off crying to his mum. The wee man didn't care and rubbed it in the boy's face by riding round the whole area on the toddler jacked sit on car.

I have found that most parents are quite good actually when the wee man tries to commandeer another child's toy. The parents usually say that there child is just the same and needs to be taken down a peg or two. The wee man will fight you for a toy that he wants but I'm just waiting for the day he gets taken down a peg or two. The joys of parenting.


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