Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I Have Returned...

Firstly sorry for yesterday and thank you to those kind people who sent me nice messages. You will be remembered when the revolution comes. There is extra for you today as I have published a Baby Centre blog which is about continually reading banal stories about celebrities and their children. I find stories like this rather tedious and you find out more if you to go

But back now to my own brand of banality. Being ill sometimes as its advantages. Today I was booked in to have a filling on one of my back teeth. If you read my blog post who will know I don't like dentists. But despite feeling as bad as yesterday I went, mainly because I wouldn't be charged the earth for missing an appointment but also to prove to The Chancellor that I was a real man. I managed an x-ray without coughing but as soon as dentist Mike began cleaning my mouth I had a coughing fit mostly over the nice dentist. He gave me a stay of execution saying it may be best for me to come back at a later date, a month later. I told him 'sorry' but what I really meant was 'yesssssssssssssssssss'.

As I walked back packing a load of cold and flu remedies that never do anything for man flu, I stopped off to buy myself a vanilla doughnut as a treat. This I hope is exactly what Mike would have wanted me to do. I look upon it as my 'victory doughnut'.

I am now back home and much like last night all I want to do, at ten past five is to go to bed. We spent the morning with my parents by the beach and this wiped not just me out but The Chancellor and the wee man too. The Chancellor has, given her dues, been very sympathetic but what she and all the other women in the world don't understand about man flu is...


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