Tuesday, 9 April 2013

When Life Takes Those Funny Turns. Multi-Mum Speaks!

Multi-Mum and Multi-Dad are a bit of an inspiration to myself and The Chancellor. Having four children between the ages of six months and two years can't in any way be easy. But how did Multi-Mum and Multi-Dad get to this point? She joins us today with an excellent guest blog!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Julie and I am ‘multi’ Mum to four beautiful girls. Non identical twin cherubs who have just turned two and identical wee twin cherubs who have just turned 6 months.
Welcome to my world of chaos, routines, laughter, tears, tantrums, stress and a whole lot of love!

Life was not always this way.

In early 2010 I was trying to come to terms with the fact I may never have children of my own following years of infertility and numerous failed IVF attempts.

Anyone who has suffered from fertility problems will know trying to conceive completely takes over your life. Every waking moment is consumed with tracking cycles, peeing on sticks and planning ‘relations’ in the bedroom to the ninth degree! And God forbid a husband who tries excuses like ‘too tired’, ‘not in the mood’ or ‘too full after dinner’. And don’t even think about having a beer, drunk sperm swim the wrong way! I could go on.

Every month is the same. Pregnant women everywhere, stroking their bumps smugly and who love nothing better than telling you they had fallen pregnant quite by accident on their first attempt! Then during fertility treatment with hormones raging from all the crazy drugs you are taking, well meaning people would recite stories of a friend of a friend of a cousin twice removed who had failed IVF then went on to get pregnant with twins naturally once they had stopped thinking about it and relaxed. I smiled through gritted teeth whilst I thought about smacking them hard in the face!

But later that same year our luck finally changed and our fourth IVF attempt resulted in a positive pregnancy test for the first time. After a few weeks of knicker watch and worrying it would all go horribly wrong we were told it was twins! I remember feeling like I had won the lottery. All our years of heartbreak had finally paid off and we were one of the lucky couples who got their happy ending with the birth of our gorgeous twin girls and our family was complete.

Or so we thought. It seems that sometimes there is some truth in those urban legends you hear. After a rare night out to see Spirit Medium extraordinaire, Derek Acorah and a couple of bottles of cheap plonk later it seems the spirits definitely moved in our household that evening and the course of lives was about to change forever.

One month before our twins first birthday I found out I was pregnant and a few weeks later we found out it was twins, again! My husband’s reaction to this news is a whole other story in itself! And so on the eve of my big twins birthday we watched our wee twins on a scan wiggle and kick and somersault on the screen and a whole new chapter of our lives was about to begin.

Having done it once how hard could it be to do it all again 18 months later…

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