Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Wee Man, The World Superstar

Through the gloom of a Thursday morning I made a new friend today. At the playground at the park two dads' eyes crossed and it was love at first sight. Having been one I know a nervous dad a mile off and my new friend looked a bit uncomfortable on his arrival. We both gravitated towards the swings keeping an eye on each other to see if friendship was on the cards. In the past I have been a bit full on with dads who do childcare so this time I decided to take it slow. As both children were in the small swings we stood next to each in silence only acknowledging each other with a nod and an 'alright?' It didn't take long for conversation to flow and by the end we were nearly holding hands. My new BFF.

After some man love the wee man and I went to play football and in actual fact he is pretty damn good. His close control and dribbling ability are impressive for a boy of 17 months. I had a failed football career because of a serious injury (lies) and a lack of talent so I now intend to live through him. And if he does make it he will earn me millions and keep me accustomed to the life I know and I can say (smugly) when he scores the winning goal in the World Cup final "That's my son".

He did though get distracted by dogs running near him and found them far more interesting than me doing keepie uppies. He then got distracted by various holes that were in the ground, I'm not entirely sure why and how they got there but the millions I had in mind were quickly disappearing. With a sigh he collapsed on the floor meaning we need to work on his stamina and possibly his concentration skills. Still a proud dad day.


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