Monday, 15 April 2013

The Wee Man, The Lothario

Last week I told you that at a disco the wee man pinned a girl to the wall. This wasn't really a proud moment for us as parents. Luckily the girl in question was much bigger than him and took no crap from the wee man and quickly batted him away. Today though the wee man's approach to girls was much nicer. We go, on a Monday, to a small group with my friend Sensory Mummy and her daughter.

After fighting it out for a good ten minutes for a Charlie Bear toy, the pair took to sulking in different parts of the room. The wee man was the first to crack coming up to his friend and giving her a nice hug. This hug though didn't melt the heart of his little friend and it took her a while before she forgave the wee man for stealing her Charlie Bear toy. However this was a positive step forward for us as a pair because for a while I was scared he was becoming a junior sex pest and I would get the blame. So gentle hugging is a good step forward.

If I were to leave him, say at nursery, I think I would spend half my time worrying if he was being rough to other children. I rough-house with him and the incident with Funny Mummy's son at the swimming pool speaks for itself. He is starting to notice other children and seems to think it's funny to push them or like at the disco pin them against the wall.Sooner rather than later he will push a child and they will be much bigger and they will return the push but just harder. But I suppose if you've ever started a fight with someone bigger than you (I have in a former life) that you never really learn no matter how old you are. If you go into Newcastle on a Friday and Saturday night you will see grown men and women doing what the wee man is doing. So maybe he's just starting now for future nights out in Newcastle.

After his graduating to hugging I hope that I won't be known as 'that guy' who has that really weird son, who everyone should avoid. So to all your parents I say "WE ARE NOT TOXIC! YOU CAN PLAY HAPPILY AND SAFELY WITH US! WE ARE NOT WEIRD!"


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