Friday, 12 April 2013

Mr Weekend Family Fun

A week on from last week's swimming pool accident, the wee man hasn't really learnt his lesson. Back again we went to the community pool today but this time he was even more determined than last week to get out of the pool and run off, to the point where the big crocodile tears came streaming down.

This time though I had learnt my lesson and insisted on holding his hand if he wanted to get out and roam around. Life would be a lot easier if there had been two of us there but alas there was not.

Tomorrow we are due at a park open day where there will be lots going on, or so I have been told. Depending on how much of a lie in I get and how much of a cooked breakfast I manage to eat will determine what sort of mood I'm in for it. But just to spite certain people (who will remain nameless) who called me a miserable so and so today I will go tomorrow and be the happiest one there. You will not see a bigger smile there than on my face. I might be quite cynical but miserable, me? Lies, lies and damn lies. Only occasionally have I given the impression of grumpiness and that's generally because I'm chasing a toddler around all day, all week. SUPER CYNICAL MAN will transform before your very eyes tomorrow into MR WEEKEND FAMILY FUN MAN. On my utility belt will now be jokes, a cheery disposition and a smile at every turn. I will be the personification of 'weekend family fun'.

I'll show you, I'll show all of you that I have a fun side though beware you'll only see it if I have had a bacon sandwich and some coffee otherwise I'll just a miserable so and so.


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