Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why Picking Up Poo Is NO Good

At the top of today's agenda is my Baby Centre offering for the week. After some snooty comments on my colleague Elise Button's blog I decided it was time to stand up for us dads. here is my rebuttal. Whether or not the tedious people will comment is another thing though I hope they do just so I can argue with them and destroy them in a dazzling display of rhetoric. We shall see.

On to today and the wee man can quite often go from hero to zero very quickly. After a nice stroll through Jesmond Dene (a big park in Newcastle) and a visit to see barnyard animals the wee man thought it would be acceptable behaviour to pick up a lump of poo. Lovely. My reaction was at first one of disbelief but I quickly pulled him away, shouted and he cried for a while. There will be no sympathy from me when fecal matter is touched. Luckily it happened near the cafe and I was able to clean him up despite his protests that playing with poo was fun. Some days you just have to sigh.

Also today I went to buy the wee man his third pair of shoes and at this rate he isn't going to be a wee man for long. Having outgrown his past two efforts I'm seeing how shoe firms are doing so well. Anyway I'm sure these new ones will last thirty seconds and I'll be forking out more money again sooner rather than later. This I am aware is my life from now on, especially if we have another child.

Tomorrow we are on holiday so One Man will be coming from distant lands (mother-in-law's house) where wi-fi will hopefully be supplied to me. Otherwise I'm off to a internet cafe, if those things still exist.


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