Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Wee Man, The Raver

We have gotten to the end of the day and all three of us are wiped out. The wee man more so than his mum and dad. We have just returned from a second birthday party for two of Multi Mum and Multi Dad's brood but more on that in a minute. We started the day with mundane duties in the shape of shower curtain shopping. Yes, I hit the heady heights of this and normally this wouldn't be blog worthy material. However the wee man who was excited by toilets and sinks and flushing the flushers multiple time couldn't believe his luck when we got to the shower section. Off he raced and managed to get into one of the showers and lock himself away from the world much to his delight. How we weren't kicked out or forced to buy a new bathroom is anyone's guess. After examining the quality of splash-backs and taps the wee man was ready to party.

The quite wonderful Multi Mum and Multi Dad had arranged a party for their eldest twins and a rough head count told me there were twenty other children there. Having gone out for a few beers last night I was a little tired but my tolerance levels were still high enough to deal with social interaction. And they needed to be. Twenty children sat down for a banquet of cucumber sticks and crisps. Seeing as I was hungry and I have little shame I stole from the table in full sight of the parents. You snooze you lose was my mind-set.

After eating the disco began and after a moment of slight worry the wee man was off dancing around and trying it on with the girls, at one point pinning one of them to the wall. We had to tell him that that kind of behaviour will result in prosecution. He was by far the best dancer in the place, it's just a shame that some parents may think of him as a mild sex pest...


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