Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Difficulties Of Language

"No, that's a cat."
"No, that's pigeon."
"No, that's a guinea pig."
"Yes, that's a dog but statistics would suggest you were bound to get it right at some point so no points for you. Well done for trying though."

One day we may get there. I will be proud when he can tell me what breed the dog is that he can see, until then keep working on your animals son. The wee man's godparent's daughter had a similar problem. Only she had habit of calling every man she came into contact with "daddy". This, I would imagine, thinking as a toddler would be a fairly easy mistake to make. Similar to the wee man thinking that everything that moved faster than him was a dog. Though the idea of losing your child then her calling every other man "Daddy" terrifies me as who would believe you if you went to claim for your child?

Imagine how the conversation would go if it were me.

"Thank God you found my son Mr Shop Security."

"Hold on a minute sir, this child says that that man over there is his father? Are you a child botherer? Should we be calling the police?"

"No really this is my child, here pass him to me I know how to make him laugh and he has a birthmark on his backside."

"Woah there. I don't think you should touch the child sir or expose him, in fact I'm going to ask you to step back now sir."

Then this would descend into anarchy and the end of the world. With me screaming "HE HAS MY EYES! CAN'T YOU SEE! HE HAS MY EYES!" All too much to deal with. Thinking about it i'm actually happy with doggy this doggy that. The alternative is not quite as safe.


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