Tuesday, 23 April 2013

The Longest Day Of Year Part 1.

Things here at HQ have eased somewhat. The wee man's viral infection looks to be on its way out which is a relief for all of us. We have even managed to venture out with real people and their real children, enjoying conversation and coffee which is something that has been in short supply during the last few days.

The wee man seems much happier about life, getting back to sleeping properly which seems to have made a massive difference and it has also meant I have been able to catch up on writing blogs and sections of my novel, everyone's a winner. Tomorrow on Baby Centre you will read all about the wee man's traumatic entry to the world. "Sounds great" I can hear you say.

But onto more immediate matters. Filling our day is imperative today as it's a very long day for us. The Chancellor is down in London having set off at some silly hour this morning and won't return home until some silly hour tonight. I have managed this well today, so far, meeting friends as well as doing lots of rubbish little jobs that needed to be done and which take up more time you would imagine. Having to do everything in the wee man's day including bath time and bed time not just tires you out but drains you of any remaining energy you have to do things that you want to do for yourself once your child is asleep.

The next two hours are the hardest just before before bed time and more than likely Cbeebies will take centre stage for at least half that time. This is the first of a few times The Chancellor will be away for very long days and I will need to fill these days with more than just odd jobs otherwise she will come home to discover me rocking in the corner and the wee man running around naked occasionally stopping to stare at the TV. Though I'm sure this has happened before.

I'll fill you in tomorrow to let you know if I've managed to survive or not though I bought chocolate brownies today so the safe money is that I will survive.


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