Thursday, 25 April 2013

Long Weekend Of Family Fun

I have finally made it. I am in remote lands. But I have unlimited internet, thanks to my brother-in-law, so life is good. After the obligatory falling out with The Chancellor and the rushed packing we made our way south in a car so full it was like one of the wee man's nappies after a long and hot day.

The wee man to give him his dues slept most of the way down and I was supplied with a steady line of Jelly Babies so I couldn't grumble about driving in the rain. The real test will be in June when we go on holiday down to Devon. If you live abroad and you read this blog, Newcastle and Devon are a long way apart. A LONG way. We were due to fly but I refuse to pay upwards of £400 to fly within the confines of my own country. So we are going to road trip it and the wonderful AA route finder has told me it will take eight and a half hours. Yay. I can already feel the family holiday fun excitement setting in.

We do intend to break up the trip with overnight stops otherwise we would have to drive through the night and we would need a lot of Jelly Babies to keep me going. Still the holiday will involve a good deal of driving and will probably make me want to sleep for the entire time we are there.

Aside from driving this trip this weekend will involve seeing some great time with friends and family. As we are in a very different place with the wee man we hope that he will acclimatise easily and sleep for us. It's a shame that I can't explain to him that he's ruining my holiday if he wakes me up through the night but The Chancellor is on duty this weekend anyway so she can tell him.


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