Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Wee Man, The Trendsetter

Children where I live tend to dress well. You see a lot of North Face, Berghaus and all those other brands that people, who never actually go hiking or climbing, wear. Also in my area you see a lot of 4x4s all of which have never seen a drop of mud on them and which are totally unnecessary for the narrow streets. This annoys me as you can probably tell.

But today the wee man, dressed in a very fetching gillet, looked remarkably like all the other rich kids who run around the area, just with poor parents. We were very close to calling the wee man Montgomery, no joke, I love to name and I had managed to convince The Chancellor that it was a great name too. Monty would have fitted well in this area where the children are called things like Hector and Tarquin.

Luckily we changed our mind and settled on calling him the wee man, just in case we have to go and live in a less well off area where he would fear for his life with a name like Monty. Can you imagine me shouting "Monty" in a fairly posh voice down the aisles of any supermarket? I would be lynched or I would just look like a real twat idiot.

The gillet was a real hit today and what was even better was that he suddenly looked like Marty Mcfly from Back To The Future. Obviously he is also better looking than Michael J. Fox. Maybe the wee man could play him in a remake perhaps. But yesterday he was footballing prodigy, would acting bring more money in for me than football???


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