Monday, 29 April 2013

The Zone

We are home from distant lands. A mostly successful weekend was had except, as ever we arrive back more tired than as we left but that's what happens when we travel with kids. The Chancellor though has a habit of getting in to what I call 'The Zone' as soon as she arrives home. 'The Zone' is where her eyes glaze over and she starts cleaning before she has even taken off her coat off. Everything needs disinfecting and there's no talking to her because if you do you either get no response or she angrily "GRRRRRRRs" at you. Tonight I had to tell her to "Put. Down. The. Sponge." as there were more pressing matters before cleaning. I'm sure we cleaned before we left anyway.

It is nice to be back in a house with silent floorboards and no creaky stairs but the wee man seems somewhat lost without a little dog running around. But there is NO way we are getting one quite yet, I have enough training to do with the wee man without bringing a puppy into the mix.

I also have to apologise on here to our friend Organised Mummy and her husband for swearing into front of their child while we were away.Their son is an impressionable two and a bit year old who is talking. Sometimes I forget that children might repeat what I say so after I used the phrase 'Sh*t loads', right in front of him, I had visions of him filling up his truck saying he had sh*t load of things in his truck. I hope he doesn't do this and if he does we may not be invited round again. The Chancellor had words with me afterwords to the tune of "Jamie you are dreadful." She often has to have words with me or persuade me from causing a ruckus about things. Sometimes if we are out I'll just feel an elbow in my side and hear a "Jamieeeee" through gritted teeth, I'm sort of like an unfunny Larry David. Never mind.

Tomorrow normality resumes with a trip to an art gallery for toddler time and a 10% discount of cafe food and I tell you the food is GOOD. I only go for the food really and generally put up with the toddler time element of the proceedings constantly checking the time to see if it's time to eat. Maybe their all day breakfasts are why I've put on three stone in nine months.


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