Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Wee Man, The Knight

If two things scream "BOYS TOYS!" it's a sword and a helmet. If I wasn't so grown up and mature I would perhaps still be running around brandishing a sword. Who doesn't like to play Knights of the Round Table?

The wee man wasn't so sure on wearing his helmet however and now ducks any time I try to put it on his head. The sword though is as much a success with him as it is with me. The sword just so happens to look like the one used in the live action He-Man movie Master of the Universe. Alas though the sword doesn't hold the secrets of the universe and I am not all powerful (not yet anyway).

Noticing that I could pretend to be the most powerful man in the universe my day just kept getting better. Have I been running around pretending to be He-Man today? Yes. Yes I have and I'm proud to tell you this. What else am I meant to do with my son?

After prising the sword from his hand the wee man wasn't too fussed with my best attempts to sound like the man himself and took himself off to play with his wooden blocks and shapes. One day he will understand the joy of regressing to one's youth and he will revel in it like me today.

I'm not sure The Chancellor would play He-Man with him, she would be keeping the point of the sword away from his eyes. It's a dad's prerogative to play such games with their son and there's no shame in it.



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