Monday, 22 April 2013

Viral Difficulties

Viral infections are rubbish. After I wrote yesterday the wee man got progressively worse leading to him crying uncontrollably for an hour as we calmed him down for bed. Usually he just goes down, no questions asked. But last night both The Chancellor and I took in shifts to stop the wee man from completely destroying his vocal chords.

He has what's called Hand, foot and mouth which sounds considerably worse than it is, though if you tried to tell us that last night I would have punched you. The spotty rash has broken out more on his hands and he's just generally miserable. Unfortunately there is no cure and it usually goes away by itself after a week or so. Let's hope that it's close to ending. I have just spent half an hour calming him down after another disastrous nap which ended in him crying and crying and crying and crying...

Finally after a bread stick or two and Mister Tumble he finally has calmed his pants, leaving me dishevelled, very weary and desperate for The Chancellor to return home. There is something quite hideous about having a sick child who you can't really help, unless you count bread sticks and TV as help.

Being a viral infection and also being highly contagious we are quarantined from other children. This means avoiding groups we go to as well as play areas etc etc. But as we only have 3 days to fill before The Chancellor is off for a few days this isn't so bad. I'm sure with a mixture of crap food and crap TV we can power through.

Let's hope the wee man is in the mood for sleep tonight otherwise we're all doomed for another night of screaming.


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