Friday, 5 April 2013

The Wee Man The Torturer

Kronenbourg beer is quite strong. I didn't realise how strong until this morning. I attend a pub quiz most Thursdays with IT Daddy and some nice fiends of his. Our team does quite well generally leading to a free drink coupon being thrust in my hand as I arrive, magic darts. Last night I was on the Kronenbourg and this morning I certainly knew it. Moments after The Chancellor left for work I was lying on the sofa almost crying into the cushion wishing I had drunk some water before bed. I didn't hit it hard last night by any stretch of the imagination but I should have learnt that hangovers and children are not a good combination.

The wee man was not in a forgiving mood, climbing onto me he proceeded to pull my hair and poke a grubby finger in my eye saying. "Gaggy, gaggy, gaggy". I let out a small wail and tried to bury my head deeper into the sofa but to no avail, he came at me again "Gaggy, gaggy, gaggy". In a moment of dreadful parenting, I put on the TV and told he could go crazy with children's TV. This quickly shut him up and I found peace for ten minutes before the next onslaught.

Swimming this afternoon should brighten my day and hopefully will give the wee man time to run his batteries down before home.Tonight though I am out again with a former work colleague. After he sent me a message asking me if I was free I replied saying "should be, though I'll have to double check with The Chancellor." Shortly after this I though it necessary to tell him that I actually didn't need her permission and I am the man of the house. This didn't sound too convincing and on her return home from work last night "do you mind love if I pop out tomorrow night?" Oh the power she must feel. Oh the power. Permission was granted, even though I didn't need it and drinking will be had tonight.

Tomorrow morning neither The Chancellor nor the wee man will be in a forgiving mood and no doubt a job list will appear in my hand while I hold my head saying "Owwwwwwww." Sympathy cards can be sent to the usual address.



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