Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Perilous Stairs

Absurdity. It's a hard thing to describe it but I will give it a go. The very nice room we are in, as we're away, is in the attic. The wee man is downstairs in a smaller room. For the first two nights he slept just like normal 7pm-7am, this made us happy. Last night though something spooked him and he woke he shaking with huge tears running down his face. Three hours later he eventually went back to sleep. In that three hours we nearly got him down many times but a flight of stairs got in the way.

The stairs up to our room creak and when I say creak they make the most horrific noise that could wake the neighbours. The stairs are also right next to the wee man's door. So after trying to settle the wee man time and time again The Chancellor and I took it in turns to see who could get up the stairs in the most inventive way without making any noise. Neither of us won. We tried stepping on the edges of the stairs, the corners, the middle. We tried crawling, walking fast and walking slow. Nothing worked and each time we made it to the top of the stairs off the wee man would start with a howl and the crying and down again we went. I nearly made it at one point crawling for nigh on five minutes and moving at a snails pace. The Chancellor, upstairs, was heard giggling as she watched me trying to be as quiet as I could on all fours but alas the wee man awoke. Rubbish stairs.

Why didn't we just sleep downstairs I can you say? Because there wasn't a bed available, is that a good enough answer for you? Tonight is our last night away and the last time we have to traverse the stairs and I will be happy to return to a flat with no stairs and no creaky floors.

The trip has been a success and the wee man has done well in new surroundings. But going away with children never really feels like a holiday and we are going to get away just the two of us in the summer with no child. We're counting down the days already. And who knows we may even relax.


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