Friday, 26 April 2013

Long Weekend Of Family Illness

Our long weekend of family fun took a turn for the worse last night. With my head firmly in the toilet vomiting everything in my stomach through the night I was kept up and I kept The Chancellor up too, which she wasn't too happy about. The wee man on the other hand slept through the night with no problems. Sod's law. Today I have been asleep for about five hours and never have The Chancellor's cold hands been so wonderfully accepted as she tried to bring my temperature down. I have only, at three in the afternoon, been able to keep a bit of food down which is a real shame, as I like food.

The wee man, while I've been asleep has been playing nicely and not so nicely with his grandmother's dog. In the past we have had to segregate the pair as the dog is too jumpy and the wee man has been too small. Now the wee man is a little older we are more comfortable with having them play together but the wee man is not as big as he thinks he is. After throwing a toy for the little Jack Russel things were looking good, everyone was happy.

Then the dog launched himself at the wee man knocking him back into he hearth of the open fire. The wee man as you can imagine wasn't too happy at this and had a good cry causing the dog to bark and the cycle continued just with the pair getting louder and louder. One step forward two steps back.

It isn't all the dog's fault though as the wee man gets overly excited when he sees him, screeching whenever he sees the little dog pass leading to the dog getting a bit too excited. Leaving the pair together unsupervised would be a recipe for disaster but give it a couple yeas then they will be thick as thieves. Until then a referee will be needed.

Right I need to go and take drugs and wait for The Chancellor to return with her freakishly cold hands.


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