Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Groundhog Day (Again)

For today look at yesterday's post and make the following adjustments:

  1. One less load of washing.
  2. Less sun.
  3. A trip to Ikea.
  4. We're wearing different outfits from yesterday. Oh wait no, actually only the wee man is.

That's it. Today has been an almost carbon copy of yesterday which makes me wonder what tomorrow will be like seeing as we've got nothing booked in. A triptych of similar days could lead one to insanity. I've done all the clothes washing now so I suppose that will change but that leaves me with a window of a couple of hours. Maybe I could polish something or iron a shirt...

Expect maybe the same tomorrow and let's hope I can tell you something of note and let's also hope I'm wearing something different...


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