Monday, 27 May 2013

The Big House Move

Exhaustion. In so many ways exhaustion. After a long weekend of visitors and trips out tonight we will collapse on the sofa knowing that the next few weeks are going to be insane. We have decided to move. Right now. The Chancellor and I don't do things by halves. I have written myself a list of jobs to do next week that is so long it's floating down the Tyne towards the North Sea.

We know the house we want, in the street we want and we are going for it. Starting with a viewing this week. Though the problem comes with our place, in the respect that we need to do so much work in a short period of time that I have enlisted help from family and friends so the place looks amazing. Painting, woodwork and cleaning are the major offenders but we'll hit it hard if we are to get the house we want.

Last time we bought a property I think we both got ulcers with the stress so imagine that with the added fun of the wee man and the ulcers may well just kill us. We want to move to an area we know but don't know as well as where we live so there is slight trepidation about it all. At least I'm off work to sort it out but I can imagine that I won't be talking, on here, about anything else in the coming weeks or months. So I give you fore warning.

Whether or not we will succeed is another thing altogether but we can but try. A blood pressure machine is to be bought hopefully before I have an aneurysm.


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