Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Wee Man's #7 Most Favouritest Thing To Do

Good afternoon one and all and first today I realise that I neglected yesterday to tell you about this week's Baby Centre slice of pie. This is a piece about how men are really really super tough and can handle everything apart form childbirth...maybe. The feedback so far has actually been quite positive and I had expected by now to be hanging from a tree surrounded by baying women. But be rest assured my dear readers that I am indeed alive and well and eating a Twirl.

A Pigeon, if you were unsure.
Anyway in other news this morning we have been spending most of our time chasing pigeons. This is the wee man's #7 most favouritest thing to do. He lets out a shriek reminiscent of a Native American war cry and runs off at top speed at a group of pigeons. The birds as you would imagine fly off in all different directions causing more shrieks of excitement to protrude from the wee man's mouth. However it's not just pigeons he likes and shrieks at, anything that moves faster than him is fair game to intimidate, scare and chase after. But it is a fun past time and gets him out of the house and running around.

And that's what it's all about especially today as The Chancellor is in London and won't be back until much later tonight. Meaning it's just the two of us for ever and ever and ever and ever.... Though I get a break of sorts this afternoon as I have to go and see dentist Mike and let him inject me and fill a hole in my tooth. Luckily Funny Mummy is coming to watch the wee man but of all the things I could do for an hour as a break form the wee man having a filling is not what I would choose. On the way back I might just buy myself a wood pigeon pie for tea. Or I could just let the wee man go and catch one for me...


Picture: detsang/Flickr

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