Sunday, 19 May 2013

Jamie Enjoying Family Time?

Let it never be said that Jamie Robinson doesn't get involved in weekend family fun.Today instead of sighing when the suggestion of riding on a Thomas The Tank Engine train was posited, I smiled and said "yes why not". The wee man had seen it from a distance while being on my shoulders. He got so excited he squeezed his legs together almost choking me and screeched in his own little way. I've never seen a boy so excited by something.

So we get on board and it rode us around park of the park we went to. And was it fun? Actually yes though the wee man got all freaked out when the engine started. He warmed to the ride waving at other people and shouting at the ducks. He wasn't as excited riding on it as he was looking at it. Though as soon as he was off he wanted to be back on again but at £1.50p per person we had run out of change.

He is a curious creature and since my father showed him how to play Pooh Sticks, every time he sees a stream he wants to throw everything he can find into the water. Today was no different and he enjoyed spending fifteen minutes throwing leaves, stones, sticks and litter into the water. He would throw me into the water if he was big enough.

This may be a new start for me and weekend family fun but I feel I need to be eased into this new strange thing rather than do it every week. Riding on a miniature train though is a good enough start.


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