Monday, 13 May 2013

The Wee Man, The Fireman

Children are sometimes quite wonderful. I know I moan a bit but sometimes you can just watch them for hours and it gives you a great deal of satisfaction. I realise this sounds weird and for the record I don't just stare at random children, only the wee man and in a totally paternal way. Anyway the wee man has been on great form today.

At some moments you can catch him doing some wonderful things. He disappeared this morning and I found him in his room happily playing with his firetruck making "Brum" noises to himself. Independent and imaginative playing is perhaps the most endearing thing about children, especially at this age. He generally plays quietly for ten to fifteen minutes in his own little world pushing the truck back and forth imagining, I think, a fire someplace.  

Now being slightly older he gets a great deal of enjoyment from little things. On a visit to my Aunts this afternoon he stood in the garden continually wanting to put his hands in a watering can. Why this would give you enjoyment is anyone's guess but there he was hands submerged deep in water having a a whale of a time. As I write he is running around with a torch shining it in his eyes.The Chancellor is here by the way I'm not neglecting him. For half an hour he's been putting a battery powered train through chair legs and giggling very loudly. It's just a joy to watch.

Anyway enough gushing. Hard man image to return.


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