Thursday, 2 May 2013

A Return To Soft Play

First off today I need to plug my Baby Centre blog as yesterday I forgot. Here is the link It's about wanting to get away from your kids however Baby Centre added a slideshow to it of things that I don't do for instance cake baking and knitting. Not the first things I had in mind when I was writing about hobbies but I suppose each to their own.

Moving on from middle aged pursuits today I finally broke my soft play embargo. It had to be done at some point and seeing as the wee man hasn't had much in the way of childish interaction this week it seemed like the right time. I tried to go early to beat the hoards of sticky fingered children but a quiet soft play was not to be even at half nine in the morning. Children I have found don't need much time to warm up in the morning.  Usually the wee man is bouncing and ready to go as soon as we go into his room first thing. Even in the soft play at such an early time the kids are full of energy ready to bother me. We lasted a solid hour before I got bored and I even managed to smile to a few children though when I did this to one girl she glared at me and ran off. One child was just screaming at the top of his voice around the whole place and his mother wasn't even bothered, I was close to throwing an air ball at him to shut him up. If only that wouldn't be frowned upon.

Away from other people's children the wee man has found new ingenious ways to get into trouble. Yesterday I bought him a step to get up to the sink because he is very good at brushing his own teeth now. However the step didn't stay under the sink long as the wee man began moving it around the house to get extra leverage to get onto stuff like the toilet, which he did very easily. The step has now been hidden away until the wee man can be trusted to use it for the intention for which it was bought, not just to get himself places he wants to get to. He'll be up ladders next.


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