Friday, 3 May 2013

Bank Holiday Weekend (Finally)

Back before I began as a stay-at-home-parent I worked for a company who were pretty miserable. I can't name the company as they would probably do me slander but I'm quite happy to say they were a miserable lot and I spent every bank holiday and any day that was meant to be for the people working very long hours. They also expected you to be happy about working while everyone else in the country was off drinking beer and having a good time. I hated the place and their style of management infuriated myself and The Chancellor  (who was always off) and it was one of the main reasons why I left. This year was the first time in five years that I had Easter off, what does that say?

Anyway now that I'm footloose and fancy free bank holidays have become better days and ones where I'm not cursing all the people I'm working for. Instead there is an extra day of family fun to contend with. Which is worse I here you ask? I'm just joking of course. Of course. Having The Chancellor around for some extra days is an extra special treat even if she does make me do rubbish jobs and go to ludicrously busy family friendly places. I don't know what she has in store for us this weekend but I intend to run off before she tells me.

On top of a bank holiday it's The Chancellor's birthday next week, she's canny old if you're wondering and by canny old I mean only two years older than me but still to me that's canny old. She'll get to 40 before me and I intend to spend two years telling her that she's 40. She has decided to take two days off next week meaning she will be expecting me to organise something fun. Lat year I threw her a surprise party but seeing as I have no money or energy this won't be happening again. But the wee man has more money than the pair of us put together so maybe he could throw her a party. No, I will be a man I will step up and sort out something fun to do even if it involves me telling her she's old. Do you think this will go down well?


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