Wednesday, 29 May 2013

"You Go Wee Wee In The Potty..."

And so it begins. The bit of parenting that I have dreaded the most since the start is under way. Potty training. Now I don't expect the wee man to be dropping his pants and pooing regularly in the safety of the plastic bowl but I would like the process to begin. Stage one has been achieved, he has sat on it of his own accord but at the moment he is using it a comfy TV seat rather than a potty. I dare say I'll be buying books on how to get him using it effectively. But never-the-less it's here and we are going for it.

The wee man can be quite messy. The other day I found him in the garden tipping pots of soil over himself so this does not bode well for potty training. Sometimes during nappy changes he tries to roll away taking with him a dirty nappy, which in turn makes me sigh and forces an outfit change. If anyone has any sound advice for successful potty training I'm all ears.

I had hoped that watching me day in day out would make the whole process easier. But maybe with this i'm just kidding myself. How much attention did he actually take when in the same room as me doing the grown-up version?

I'm confident that I'll prevail so bring on the piss and bring on the shit, after 19 months I'm immune to the smell and the mess. Do your worst wee man, though just as long as you don't get any on my clothes...


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