Sunday, 26 May 2013

Can YOU Guess What I Did Today?

Today's blog will take the form of a multiple choice quiz. If you guess correctly the right answers then you will know what I did today. If you get all the answers right then there is a prize.

Question 1
What time did I get up this morning?

  • 5 am
  •  7 am
  • Mid day
  • I'm still in bed

Question 2
What was the most fun I had today?

  • I didn't have any fun
  • Doing a fortnightly shop
  • Man time
  • Having a poo

Question 3
How large was the wee man's tantrum on the beach?

  • Pretty big
  • Enormous
  • Epic
  • The Chancellor threw him in the sea to shut him up

Question 4
How large is the glass of wine I'm currently drinking?

  • Big
  • Very big
  • Who needs a glass
  • Intravenous drip is in my arm

The prize is that you've finished the blog or if you want I'll send you signed picture of myself.


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