Saturday, 11 May 2013

Mini Me

In recent times, as he has gotten older, the wee man has been exhibiting traits that make it more and more obvious who he takes after. There is a joke in my family that all the males are exactly the same. There are 7 family member (including me and now the wee man) who look and act almost exactly the same. Sometimes it's quite scary how similar we are. The wee man is now indeed one of the males in the family and he is the next generation of the madness. 
I won't go too deep into the neuroses as I may offend someone but let's just say the traits have pissed off infuriated every wife/girlfriend/partner bar none. The Chancellor knows these traits and still somehow manages to put up with them.

She also says that the wee man is just a little me and being with him day in day out doesn't make it any less so. We are at the start of a copying stage meaning that every little thing I do is being stored in his little head ready to show his mum when she gets home. Most are negative things, which is a shame.
  1. The way I drive. Generally aggressively and includes lots of swearing.
  2. The way I swear when we get home from said drive.
  3. The way I break wind liberally.
  4. The way I pick my nose and flick what I find somewhere where it can't be found.
  5. The way I bite my finger nails and don't dispose properly of what is removed...
I could go on but you might think of me as a grubby man. But I'm sure you all have qualities like these of your own. I do have good moments too you know only I'm sure the wee man won't be watching when they happen. 



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