Sunday, 5 May 2013

Stig Of The Dump

As a bit of a follow on from yesterday, we have had a morning of negative attention. Well I haven't as I've been off doing the fortnightly shop but The Chancellor has. Tiredness and boredom are like two weather fronts charging into one another creating a massive storm. The Chancellor letting the wee man play with his things while she washed up wasn't according to him showing our dear son enough attention. So to get more attention the wee man started touching the bin. Now the kitchen bin is something we don't want him to touch and getting him to stop touching it is one of the battles we have chosen. Because it's usually The Chancellor who warns him off it he now knows that if he touches it he will instantly get attention from his mum. So what does he do? He doesn't quite touch touch it but hovers his hand over it wriggling his fingers grinning as he does so. Naughty little bugger.

When you are doing something like the washing up there generally isn't time to distract him instead of saying no so you tell him get away, making him grin even more. This morning after he was told no he backed himself into the door and stood there shaking his head at his mum.

I have always been amazed that all children are hardwired in the the same way and it doesn't matter if they're a nice a child or not they will do things like this. It's only a matter of time. How to stop it? Well that's another story altogether and if any of you have the answer then please contact me. Until then we'll juts have to have a son who wants to be a bin man.


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