Saturday, 4 May 2013

Good Cop, Bad Cop

If you were to look at the picture to the left you would think the wee man is the cutest and nicest child ever. Generally this is true bringing us nothing but laughs and a need to drink heavily. The wee man though has started to respond differently to each of our forms of discipline. This is probably an inevitability of him spending all his time with me. He has started pushing it more with his mum, not moving when he is asked to and touching things he knows he's not meant to touch when he's told not to. Every now and again when she is telling him off he will look up at me with a face that says "Dad, should I be taking this seriously? Really?"  

The Chancellor freely admits that she's a soft touch and she spoils him rotten giving him lots of kisses while she's telling me off. The down side of this is that I'm the disciplinarian who no one ever likes. The Chancellor in the future will have the sweets in her pocket while I'm trying my best to keep him away from them.

The idea of either of us being the fun one and miserable one was something we were both worried about before the little critter arrived. I'll just have to make do with being the miserable one. Never-the-less I can see why The Chancellor just wants to have fun with the wee man, I would feel the same if I was working all the time and I wouldn't want to spend the time I did have with him shouting and disciplining. You can just leave that to me. Why wouldn't you want to just spend your evening playing with your son who likes being put into boxes?


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