Friday, 17 May 2013

Jamie's Jingly Bells

Strange sort of day today. This morning we went to our regular Friday morning group only to arrive and be told that the people running it have had to close to business. This is a real shame obviously for them and also for the parents too. The wee man loved the group and I had warmed to it to the point where I actually looked forward to going.

The other parents enjoyed it too and it must have been terrible to tell every parent who came in the bad news. It left me completely bamboozled for forty five minutes and I wasn't sure what to do with myself as I'm never free between half nine and half ten on a Friday. So I just ate a bacon sandwich to kill the time and then went home. A creature of habit I am. Fridays will now never be the same, sad times indeed and I hope they find their feet.

It now means I have a slot open in my week and seeing as this group was one of the best ways to get the wee man out to play with other children I will need to fill the slot quickly. So I imagine this weekend will be spent scouring the internet in search of other groups and I'm not easily impressed so the group better be something else.

Maybe I could set my own group up but knowing my luck no one else would come and I would be the only one there. At least I wouldn't have to talk to anyone I suppose. I could call it 'Jingles with Jamie' or 'Jamie's Jolly Jigging' or 'Jamie's Jingly Bells' though the last one you may not want your child going to. That final one was The Chancellor's suggestion so don't blame me for coming up with it.

Ideas of funny names can be sent to the usual address and if I get some good ones I will name and shame you in the blog so please make them witty. If you don't send me alternatives then it will be Jamie's Jingly Bells and it will be all your fault...


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