Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Cragging It

Today with my mum up to visit we along with her family National Trust card went off for free to a place called Mega Dangerous and Not At All Family Friendly Countryside Estate Cragside. Having been told for a nearly a decade, by people who live here that I have to go, I finally have.

If you don't know the place it's a large house built on the side of a high crag, with gardens and lakes and things like that. It is now the wee man's newest favourite place ever. This is because there are multiple things to do that are highly fun dangerous. Bridges, water and cliffs make for an exhausting time but the wee man doesn't give a crap. Off he goes climbing high sided slopes and throwing anything he can find into streams. In a couple of years he will love it even more, probably graduating to tree climbing or something just as dangerous.

I'm glad I'm a young father as even though I've put on three stone I'm still just about able to keep up with him. Though finding myself panting as I come back down the side of the hill is depressing. Young at heart I like to tell myself serious denial.

So for my exertions I will treat myself to a bottle of wine tonight and tomorrow stay to safe places where the threat of the wee man falling off a cliff that is probably 100ft high is minimal killjoy.


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