Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The Wee Man, The Victim?

When I was a student I spent a great deal of time hanging around the contemporary art gallery in Newcastle. I with my friends smoked continental cigarettes with white filters, spoke about art house films, drank lots of coffee and used words like existential. We may have been trying too hard but everyone at that age does this. Anyway whenever I go to the toddler group that's on at said art gallery on a Tuesday I on the one hand get embarrassed by how much of a pretentious popinjay I was, and two despair of where the hell the time has gone.

Going into a place that hold memories of when I was a bit younger while I carry the wee man freaks me out a little. Long ago I ditched the flares and Joy Division t-shirts and now I wear M&S woolen jumpers and conform in nearly every way to the world I used to rally against. Oh how the time has flown. Though it's an inevitable decline.

Today the wee man was in one of his hyper speed moods, not wanting to stop for anyone and anything apart from the Lego board that is attached to a wall. And at one point, though this can't be verified as I didn't see it but I suspect it, the wee man was pushed over by the friend he tried to shove in the swimming pool. It didn't help that his friend then giggled as the wee man lay prostrate on the floor, I personally think retribution but Funny Mummy and Daddy claimed their son was innocent. The jury is out. I wouldn't blame him however as the wee man has done plenty of damage in the past and I would call for revenge too...


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