Friday, 10 May 2013


The idea of throwing your child under water and seeing what happens is one that isn't really encouraged. Unless of course you're in a swimming class. The wee man has always been comfortable with being submerged. At first, last year, I was a bit apprehensive about chucking him under water but I did it and he survived and now it's a run of the mill thing every week during our lesson.

The Chancellor however as she's only been to the class a couple of times has never tried dunking, until today. After watching me fling the wee man through a hoop under the water, he was passed to his mum with the orders 'your turn'. Impressively she took him and flung him with more confidence than me. Naturally he wasn't bothered and carried on like nothing happened. A good moment for all.

While at swimming we were blown away by one of his little friend's grasp of English. The wee man seems to be floundering with language still only making noises and saying the odd thing rather than really sounding like real person. Though The Chancellor claimed he said cheese as a new word tonight. His little friend on the other hand can say the wee man's name and say goodbye. You ask her to point to a body part and she will point to it and she actually attempts to repeat a word you have said. I doff my hat to this child and now intend to send the wee man to a boot camp to get him to speak sooner.

The only thing to make me feel better is that the wee man walked and climbed early but now I want him to speak more. I can though imagine that he will the type of child who will say, 'why? Why? Why?' Etc etc etc. So why am I desperate to want him to speak? Who knows but it sounds great when they do.


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