Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Hacksaw Jim

I now own a saw. If you know me then this may surprise you, it surprises me. Actually it's not quite a saw it's called a junior hacksaw. "Why do you now own such a thing Jamie?" Well dear readers it's a new toy for the wee man, you get it? Junior Hacksaw? Anyway before you ring social services it was actually for a mega DIY project I undertook today.

With my mum still up I had a babysitter while I put up a super duper shower curtain with an electric drill and everything. And I tell you what it looks ace, I mean look at it. I might have had a hand from my DIY obsessed uncle but I did all the ladder work and drilling and I was the one covered in dust. So I can claim that it was 90% me. But I feel much more masculine today as I can now say I have some tools. The Chancellor was impressed and I have now been commissioned to fit a new kitchen. There might be a future in this building lark. If you need anything putting up you know where I am.

In other news it rained ALL day. Proper crap. But who cares when you discover your calling in life. Even the wee man was tickled by my skills but he now thinks the shower curtain is something to pull on hard. I am comfortable that I did a good job but I don't want little hands pulling it down right after I've put it up.

Indeed pride comes before a fall but I don't care, it looks ace. Oh also there's a Baby Centre blog about something or other click here to find out more.


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