Saturday, 25 May 2013

Call Me, Call Me Anytime

"You have no messages. You have no messages. You have no bloody messages...Beep. Beep. Bloody Beep. Beep."

If you hear these words and noises it is a safe bet that the wee man has managed to climb over the arms of a sofa and a chair and is playing with the phone or the answer machine. His obsession with a grey button that plays our answerphone messages is absurd. Over and over and over again leaving us screaming at him that "WE HAVE NO MESSAGES. WE NEVER HAVE ANY MESSAGES!" Or words to that effect.

He then runs off with the cordless phone having a fake conversation with himself but he hasn't quite worked out that the handset need to be between the ears and mouth, so the phone still is held somewhere near the back of his head. This is a fairly endearing thing to watch but when he is asked to say hi to grandparents for example he tends to just hang up the phone on them. Probably not the best way to get money and sweets from them in the future.

I had hope this infatuation with the phone would wear off but on the contrary now more than ever he loves the buttons and the noises and the bright lights. This though leaves us pretty frustrated. Whenever the phone rings he races over like some demented badger and jigs up and down continually until someone picks it up. When you do finally pick it up he shouts so loudly the person on the other end can't do anything but hear him. He really is an attention hog.



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