Thursday, 9 May 2013

It's The Chancellor's Birthday

Last year's economy cake.
Yes as you can probably tell by the title The Chancellor turns 45 31 today. So happy birthday to her and I can categorically tell you that she is not getting a party. Last year I threw a surprise party that almost killed me to organise but a fabulous time was had by all. And I couldn't have done it without some very kind friends who helped with everything. We sorted a gazebo and a couple of bbqs and she had no idea that most of her family were there as were many of our good friends. It was a fantastic day.

This year has been a slightly quieter affair but we have had a nice lunch with Funny Mummy and Power Lifter Mummy (again she doesn't power lift, her husband does) and I will be cooking a Michelin star Morrison's Saver dinner this evening. So not all is a bust. Though the cake this year (as I have no income) is smaller than last year's or maybe it's just what's left of last year's, I can't be sure. She won't know the difference with some cream on top.

I'm not sure where a year has gone as the party seems like recent history for me but I almost have to pinch myself to remind me that it was a year ago. A YEAR, bloody hell. The wee man has gone from a short haired baby to a long haired toddler. I've gone from a slim tanned man to a plump pasty man and the The Chancellor has stayed lovely and is still as pretty as ever (insert vomit face or get a room face right here).

So happy birthday and it's a another step closer to 40 love.


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