Thursday, 16 May 2013

Dark Side Of The Wee Man

Some days I just say "Sod this he's going to nursery". Generally at the end of these days I drink or collapse on the sofa, my limbs aching and my head pounding. "Sick of this" is a phrase that also comes out to The Chancellor or "He's by far the worst child in the group". This isn't necessarily the case as the other children have their moments too, especially when tiredness combines with hunger or annoyance. As of yet the wee man doesn't know that his behaviour is sometimes embarrassing especially in front of other people.

He is doing what a toddler should do I suppose but hard work sometime doesn't quite do justice to what has happened in the day. Today has been one of these days and I'm knackered. "Sod this nursery can deal with him" was one thing I said to The Chancellor tonight after she came home but I know after a nights sleep all will forgotten until he that is we have another crap day.

I often worry if it's me and my way of parenting that makes him slightly nuts. If it had been The Chancellor who had looked after him full time would he would be different? Am I just a crap parent? She is certainly more patient than me and maybe I let him get away with too much. Maybe though we just have a child who's totally nuts. The Chancellor has just said that he's just misunderstood. All the best ones are. I sometimes shudder thinking what he's going to be like when he's older.

Anyway enough self pity, I have a risotto to make. Don't ask about the picture it's just somewhere the wee man wanted to sit in today while everyone else was socialising. Naturally.



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  1. everyone has these days. or these moments multiple times a day. I think its just a toddler thing and they're testing their boundaries and learning about the world.

    the fact that you care so much, and your toddler seems bright as a button, is testamount to the amazing job you're doing xx