Wednesday, 22 May 2013

99s and Daisys

After I finish doing this full time stay at home parent lark, the things I will remember hopefully will be the good things. Or more precisely the great things. Today has been a great day which was topped off by sharing a 99 with the wee man on a park bench. Wonderful moment, though in my day a 99 was 99p not £1.80, that's inflation for you.

The cold of the ice cream was all a bit too much for him though making his face recoil but back he came for more each time giggling to himself. We then went to sit in the daisy field and enjoyed the afternoon sun while picking flower heads. I don't think we could have had a nicer afternoon. This is the kind of afternoon I hope I will remember the most. There is something very satisfying and lovely about sitting with your son in a field picking flower heads.

This morning we went across the water to spend some time with his little friends. Around the playground he went trying to steal bikes and trikes but for once he wasn't bothered when I told him he couldn't have them. "He must be in a good mood" I hear you say. Well you know what he was. He even gave me two hours to myself while he napped. bloody hell, I wish I could bottle this and make everyday like today. Tomorrow no doubt will be different but at least I have today.


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