Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Classic Cars

I am currently staring into a black hole of legal and economic jargon, Rightmove houses and the hellacious contents of my home. Today the wee man and I cleared three crates, a massive box and a cupboard under the stairs. If you recently have been watching The Hoarder Next Door on TV parts of our houses are similar to those on the show. However this is because we have loads of stuff in a small property, rather than being weird and refusing to throw things away. I have now amassed loads of things to go to the tip on the weekend. Productive but tiring and stressful day.

However in between the sucking voids of home moves and childcare there was still time to play Classic Cars. Some time ago my mum brought up some boxes of stuff including some of my old Classic Cars from my youth. I was going to chuck them but instead the wee man has taken them on for his own and he LOVES them.

I must say I enjoy playing cars too and we ran around the house pushing them over any surface possible including sofa arms and cupboard doors,  making the requisite noises to go with them. There's nothing wrong with regressing when things like Classic Cars are involved.

I'm glad that someone is getting some use from them as they are nice things and better that it's the wee man. Also they give me a great distraction from the mass of jobs I have to do.


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