Monday, 6 May 2013

Where The Wild Things Are

Seeing as the weather was so spankingly good today it was only right and proper to go somewhere. Not even I can moan about going out on a day like today. The Chancellor suggested that we go to a bit of woodland she knew because no one would be there today.

Her logic was slightly flawed because as we arrived we realised that everyone in a ten mile radius had decided to come to this bit of woodland. Loud people, scary looking dogs but we still managed to find a few moments of peace and quiet. In these moments all the wee man wanted to do was to sit in the meadow bit and pick the heads off dandelions.

This his is new favourite past time and we find them hidden all over the house. The chiminea in our garden is full of bloody flowers heads.There are an array of things in the chiminea apart from flower heads including stones, bits of plastic and twigs. He enjoys to lift the lid off and drop them in. Why? I have no idea.
Our garden is now the wee man's new stomping ground and he can be entertained for hours by the the rocks and soil, generally by eating them or shoving them into holes in the wall.

Toddler logic is strange, the wee man's logic even more so.


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