Monday, 20 May 2013


Busy, busy, full of busy. This makes a change from the usual day to day. After meeting a friend for coffee this morning we went to our Monday playgroup with our friend Sensory Mummy and her daughter. The wee man has a soft spot for the daughter and maybe tries a bit too hard to gain her affection. Despite there being a room of toys on offer the pair spent half an hour running round a large empty hall giggling to each other. This allowed Sensory Mummy and me to sit and have our coffee and biscuit in relative peace.

After exhausting themselves they went together and unstacked a whole load of chairs. And once the chairs were all over the place they went over to a low sink and standing side by side they bashed repeatedly on the draining board making an ungodly noise.

His little friend is the girl the wee man hugged once and they really are thick as thieves already. As their pushchairs met at the end of the session they high fived each other and giggled some more. Wonderful to watch.

This is the first friend, except for Funny Mummy's son, that the wee man has really interacted with and whatever he did she wanted to do and vice verse. There was a glint in both their eyes as they did things that both me and Sensory Mummy had to pull them away from. Whether this is a love affair that will last for ever is yet to be known but at the moment they really are BFFs.


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