Saturday, 18 May 2013

Sugar Daddy

First off today a shout out to a Twitter follower of mine Rebecca Taylor who took up the challenge of naming a business for me and came up with Jamie's Joyful Jamboree. If that doesn't deserve a mention then I don't know what does. Thank you Rebecca.

Also today there is an extra Baby Centre blog for you to read. Go here and read about something called Man Showers. It's a pretty ridiculous thing but funny non-the less.

So on to today and things were grim as it's not stopped raining all day meaning finding things to do with the wee man which aren't horrific and full of other people was going to be hard. So toy shopping won the sprint and I let the proverbial moth fly from my wallet as I bought the wee man some new things including a lawn mower and a JCB truck. Both in my opinion are ace but as soon as we got home the little man just wanted to play with his old fire truck or clamber into the JCB box. Why? Who knows but that's children for you.

The wee man has also been in a pretty foul mood today but doesn't know how good he's got it as one of his little friends recently fractured his leg and now has to wear a cast. We all send our love and hope it doesn't bring him down too much. I would send the JCB truck to cheer him up but I like it too much and intend to play with it once his lordship has retired to bed.


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