Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Wee Man Repays Some Of His Debts

Keeping a toddler entertained is hard. We all know this or if you don't I tell you enough times. But keeping a toddler entertained during a wedding ceremony is even harder. Today it was my job to keep the wee man busy for an hour and keep him quiet during the important parts of the ceremony.

The day got off to an auspicious start as I realised that I didn't fit into any of the trouser parts of my suits. This made me very sad as they were a long way off fitting. Being a stay at home dad has done nothing for my waist line but I am more determined than ever not to turn into one of those obese people you see at on TV and say "ewwwwww".  The exercise regime starts tomorrow.

So after I finally found a pair of trousers that accommodated my extra girth and we trotted off to the wedding of a good friend. We were unfortunately only able to make it to the ceremony as all our babysitters were busy and it was a long way to bring him back then go back out again. So we are missing out on a very loud and raucous party which is a shame.

The ceremony though was an exercise is distraction. I had an array of things to keep the wee man entertained from wallets and bank cards to books and multiple packs of raisins and a dummy. To give him his dues the wee man was great and sat happily reading and got very excited by the hymns and his grandfather's singing. Towards the end, as boredom set in, fussiness took over but a quick glance over my shoulder to some pretty girls made him happier and the pretty girls cooed over him which he loved.

It's hard to take in anything that's going on in the ceremony because you're trying hard to preempt what the wee man will want and what will keep him from causing havoc. But today he passed the test and pays off some of the debt he owes me. Good lad.



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