Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Bleakness Of Children's Hospitals

Hospitals are pretty grim places.Children's hospitals even more so. Even with the complications of the fingers on the wee man's right hand, it's nothing compared to what some children and parents go through. We sat for a good couple of hours yesterday in various different waiting rooms surrounded by children with varying forms of mental and physical disabilities. All who will need, I would imagine, round the clock care and where a break for the parents just doesn't exist.

The wee man excited by hundreds of new toys and a multitude of new faces to smile at ran around the waiting room with not a care in the world. Anyone looking in on our life must have thought we have it easy and to some extent we do. But it's not until you see the severity of some cases that you think how lucky you are.

After our initial consult we were sent to the x-ray and as we walked up we wondered if it was at all possible to keep the wee man still. But the wee man was great and for the first time in his life, since he was a baby, lay still for longer than five seconds. There was a moment at the start when we stood over him on the x-ray table where there was a look of real terror in his eyes and he looked to us to take care of him.

It makes you think what we would all go through if major surgery was needed or if the reason we were there was more serious. After warming up and charming the radiographers with smiles and a wave or two we went back downstairs for a further consult. Luckily for us all it will be a year before we have to go back and see our consultant after she was impressed with the progress he has made.

It makes me think that I wouldn't want to spend anymore time than is necessary in a children's hospital and I think neither would the wee man.


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