Saturday, 9 March 2013

Prozac And Cheap Booze

To start this cold, dank, miserable day some good news. On Monday there will be a guest blog written by myself appearing on the very excellent website It is a site written by my fellow Baby Centre blogger Ericka Waller. Ericka was one of the other bloggers I was up against when I made it into the last five for the Baby Centre competition. She won the popular vote (by some way) and this made me disgruntled and I cursed her name for having more friends and followers than I did. But then I won too (editor's choice) and I liked her again. Fickle. But seriously she is an excellent writer and has happily agreed to write for One Man so expect her blog soon. I will post a link on Monday to my blog on her site and I expect would like you all to read it.

Onto today. My bag is packed, the car is ready and The Chancellor is stocked up on Prozac and cheep booze. For when she returns from the shops I will be dashing away quicker than a cheetah. But I wonder if I will spend all my time away wondering if the wee man has had a nap at the appropriate time or what he's had to eat or if he's slept through. This last one generally happens but knowing The Chancellor's luck he will be up all night for two nights.

I am on best orders to enjoy myself and relax. But I'm not sure if I know what relaxing is anymore. It has been so long since I sat back and didn't have something child related on my mind.When The Chancellor has given me an afternoon to relax I end up either doing some housework or sitting around waiting for them to come back. My mind has irreparably been altered to to care for a child that there is little sight of it being changed back to get me to a place where I can relax and let my shoulders drop.

As I write The Chancellor has returned with money for me to enjoy myself. A proud moment indeed. So off I go and I may have time to squeeze in a post while I'm on the train tomorrow.


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